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Here's a fun one: the Urantia Foundation promotes their Bible as a New Bigger Bibble With Lots Of Important Stuff Added. Apparently, the Urantia Book was "delivered by angels" to William S. Sadler in 1935, then it was finally published in book form in 1955. It's a big book in four parts, of which Part IV is the most famous. This part has been published as fiction, and as far as published fiction goes, it's actually pretty good. It traces the life of Jesus from "his birth on August 21, 7 B.C. until his ascension to his father on May 18,
30 A.D."

In 2001, the Urantia Foundation lost a court decision concerning the book's U.S. copyright, and the text of the original English version is in the public domain. Full electronic copies are available online, such as at the Urantia Book Fellowship site.