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Video Watchdog


If you want to learn about the absolute best, most obscure, and finest quality videos in existence, Video Watchdog is the zine to read. The subtitle says it all, really: it really is meant to cater to obsessive cinephiles who love nothing more than tracking down and comparing obscure copies of cult movies, classics, and labor-of-love films that rarely if ever see the light of day in places like Blockhead Video. Martin Scorsese is proud to be a subscriber to this magazine, which publishes regular features that give exhaustive reviews of videos, laserdiscs, and DVDs; they look at classic horror films, David Lynch movies, Hong Kong cinema, and other genres with devoted followings; and they give you tips as to which versions of your favorite movies are really the best ones available on video. They love to point out flaws, censored moments, and behind-the-scenes insider knowledge of the careers of the directors and stars from many of the greatest films.