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Vigilant Citizen

The catchphrase of this site is, "Never Take Freedom For Granted." To back up this statement, the mysterious person behind this site and blog has filled it with dozens and dozens of essays exposing the hidden symbolism behind just about everything you see around you. And wouldn't you know it – the real world is choock full of hidden symbols of the occult, the Illuminati, and the secret societies who control everything. Did you know that when you walk down main street in your town, turn on the TV, or visit any famous landmark, you are actually reinforcing the secret programming placed in your mind by these occult symbols? Fortunately, the Vigilant Citizen site is here to tear down the facade and expose the occult symbolism constantly assaulting our senses. Rock and roll music? It's packed with Illuminati and Satanist programming! Popular books? More symbolism. Hollywood movies? Misdirection and mind control galore!

Especially worth visiting here is the directory of Sinister Sites – these are detailed examinations of the occult symbols built into the United Kingdom's National Memorial and Arboretum, the Israeli Supreme Court, the infamous Georgia Guidestones (also known as the Stonehenge of Georgia), the Denver International Airport, and other famous photogenic sites around the world.

The Vigilant Citizen site also sells densely-packed books that delve into the occult symbolism of just about everything…but especially the Freemasons.