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Voice of the Martyrs

Here's an example of both the best and the worst traits of Christianity, rolled together into one site. The Voice of the Martyrs is a site that keeps track of the persecution of Christians around the world, making their plight known, and keeping up with the latest atrocities visited upon people of faith by tyrannical, suppressive governments and societies. In many parts of the world, this is a noble cause, as it is well-known that many governments take a harsh view to dissenting voices, and they often engage in such barbaric practices as censorship, physical threats, arrests, and torture against groups that simply want to practice their own faith in peace.

On the other hand, this site also uses Christian guilt to make the reader's heart bleed, to the point where you have to send in a donation or else these poor folks will suffer. Want to disturb your neighbors? Just use this site's automatic link to send a free copy of the group's pamphlet, Tortured for Christ, to the address of your choice!