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One long-lasting sub-genre of porn is a subject that I despise and can't stand in the least: "snuff" porn involving the violent torture, humliation, and murder of women (often including a hefty dose of cannibalism). I have never been a fan of subjects based so blatantly on the abuse and degrading of women…but that subject doesn't even come close to explaining the appeal of the swallowing fetish fans. This type of porn involves a very, very strange and weird kink: a form of "snuff" that involves swallowing the victim alive, harmlessly (until the victim is digested in your stomach!), so that you can feel the twitching of the living "meal" in your belly. This is a kink that couldn't possibly exist in real life, so the residents of Big Gulp have turned to science fiction and fantasy to explore this unusual passion. Over time, the swallowing fetish has evolved into a bizarre vision that has almost nothing to do with the sickening images of torturing women that we hear of in snuff porn. In fact, many of the sexual fantasies seen on the Big Gulp site involve completely sensual, painless, harmless swallowing, where all the pleasure comes from the feel of having someone else inside you, wriggling away. (Maybe this thing is actually closer to the pregnancy fetishes than snuff?) What's more, it seems that no one at Big Gulp can even explain why they get off to this stuff…but they cannot deny the strange, erotic attraction they have to watching clips from cartoons where one character swallows the other with a huge, funny GULP!