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Showtime, the same network that gave us such Slackful programs as "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" upped the ante with this consistently brilliant dark comedy about a suburban mother, played by the gorgeous Mary-Louise Parker, who turns to dealing marijuana as a means of supporting her family after the death of her husband. The writing is quick-witted and the plotlines are thick with satire, as well as hip takes on the current cultural zeitgeists.

Cast and crew:

Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes
Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson
Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin
Tonye Patano as Heylia James
Romany Malco as Conrad Shepard
Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin
Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin
Shoshannah Stern as Megan (Season 1 and 2 only)
Maulik Pancholy as Sanjay
Martin Donovan as Peter Scottson(Seasons 1 and 2 only)
Justin Chatwin as Josh Wilson (pilot episode only, then left the cast to film War of the Worlds[4])
Andy Milder as Dean Hodes
Renee Victor as Lupita
Allie Grant as Isabelle Hodes
Tyrone M. Mitchell as Keeyon
Eden Sher as Gretchen
Indigo as Vaneeta
Zooey Deschanel as Kat
Creator: Jenji Kohan

Producer/Director: Brian Dannelly


Satellite Awards
Outstanding Actress in a Series-Comedy Mary-Louise Parker (2005)
Golden Globe Awards
Best Performance by a TV Actress in a Musical or Comedy Mary-Louise Parker (2006)