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What Is Allowed Here

Cast Iron Chos is dedicated to helping you escape the psychic shackles placed upon you by the Universe, by providing information to open your eyes and let you see the world from THEIR point of view. This site is built upon wiki software and it is certainly influenced by Wikipedia; however, we do not intend to create another "encyclopedia" covering everything in existence. Rather, the focus of this site is to point the user towards useful sources of subversive and magical information. To accomplish this, we are looking to provide links to unusual, outrageous, offensive, and informative sites…and, especially, to provide reviews of those sites so as to pique your interest and entice you to follow new paths.


E.W. Modemac and anyone contributing to this site make no pretense about offering fair, neutral, balanced points of view here. We're exposing the truth behind the innocent facade of the world here – and it's an established fact that the Cosmos is not fair. Therefore, NEITHER ARE WE. We will not hide our bias, and we will call a spade a spade (or an idiot, an idiot). If you find yourself offended or put off by the opinions stated here, then SO MUCH THE BETTER. We are especially proud of offending people who are too easily offended!

Also, be aware that while we certainly encourage you to help expose the worst dregs of society, we also want to praise the ones who are truly deserving of praise. The trashing of groups, Web sites, and (some) individuals who deserve it is certainly welcome here, but you can likewise add statements of praise for a masical site, group, band, or what have you.

Finally, a word of advice for editing this site: Be bold! Yes, this concept is taken from Wikipedia – but it's a good idea for wiki building. I may be the administrator of this Web site, but my word is NOT the final word in any of the pages listed here (except for the ones that are locked). The final word to be applied to any and all of the listings here is simply this: Magic. Feel free to edit, re-format, and update any and all of the listings here in a manner that assists you in discovering your own magic.

Some sources of inspiration for the commentaries listed here include:

High Weirdness by Mail by Rev. Ivan Stang (published 1988).

Hyper-Weirdness By World Wide Web. The first attempt to catalogue a listing of the strange and unusual Web sites in existence, years before it became hip and cool to publish funny books about "the World Weird Web."

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

What Is Not Allowed Here

COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS. This especially means cut-and-pasting text from other Web sites except true public domain sources. (Wikipedia is not public domain, don't copy entire pages from there!) This goes double for pictures and sounds!

LIBEL. Here's where we can take a lesson from Penn and Teller's remarkable debunking TV series, Bullshit! They note that we cannot make blatant accusations against outright frauds, even when it's true, because those guys love taking people to court. This means saying "He/She/It is a FRAUD!" is a no-no. However, a statement of opinion, such as "He/She/It is an asshole!" is okay and it gets the point across just as well. (This rule applies especially to our section on Scumbags, Spammers, and Scammers.)

SPAM. Wiki spammers are popping up all over the place, sneaking in and making edits – often as "minor" changes, so that they don't show up on the Recent Changes list. Not only will spammers be banned immediately upon location, I am also considering legal options that will let me sue them…and hopefully scare at least a few of them away.