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Phil Foglio is one of the most popular artists in science fiction and fantasy circles, because he created some of the most gut-busting, funniest, outrageous comic strips ever! If you've seen his hilarious illustrations for Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures books (and his comic book adaptation of the first novel of the series), or his comic strip What's New! from older issues of Dragon magazine, or his Buck Godot graphic novels, or his illustrations for some cards in the Magic: The Gathering game, then you'll instantly recognize his style. Foglio has also produced and drawn for an adult comic book series called XXXenophile that's so wild (and funny), it'll make your eyes pop. And now, as a way of cashing in on that magazine's success, Phil Foglio brings you the XXXenophile trading card game! You never knew sex could be this FUNNY! (For those of you who enjoy Phil Foglio's artwork without the sex, check out the Studio Foglio site.)

A review of XXXenophile #6, the trade paperback:

"…but I'm STILL pretty annoyed!"
The sixth book in Phil Foglio's series of so-called "adult" comic books – which means they have lots of sex and people doing naughty things to each other – is fun and enjoyable in Foglio's trademark style, though it's a pretty quick read. It may be tough to get people to shell out $13 for it unless they're die-hard Foglio fans (and he does have a lot of those)…but for a XXXenophile story, it's still pretty good. XXXenophile is the comic book that every nerdy sci-fi geek (like me) always wanted to read: it has fantasy and science fiction, but it also has lots of – gasp! – SEX. Foglio's a believer in the concept of "porn with a plot," which means that the book actually tells a real story. But don't worry, there's lots of hot, wet action going on as well. I've found the sex in XXXenophile to get rather repetitive after a while, and here it's no exception. This book is a fun read, with lots of laughs throughout (especially if you're a veteran of role-playing games), and it's actually better as a story than as wanking material.
But nevertheless, I'll take XXXenophile's brand of sex – fun, enjoyable, sexy, happy, and full of laughs – over a lot of the disgusting, degrading junk put out as so-called "adult" reading these days.