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Yellow Bamboo

Do you think it's a good idea to carry a can of mace to ward off attackers? Then you're just the type of person these guys are looking for. They've mastered the art of super duper psychic mind blast powers! What can I possibly say that the Web site doesn't already say:

"How would you like to control the entire universe, both what goes within you and what happens with others?
"As you can imagine when you can knock down attackers from 10 feet away or heal someone dying from something just using your own energy – that is true personal power!"

And according to their Web site, it's for real! They even have a quicktime video of it! This guy waggles his fingers mystically and these other guys fall down! SCIENTIFIC PROOF!

Joe Cosby writes: "Actually, I bet I know where all this started out. These people must all be stuntmen from kung-fu movies who could never get straight the part about 'don't fall down -until- he hits you.' I have always wondered what happened to the poor guys who wash out on that one. Nice to see them making an honest living."