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Yellow Programme

Radical Baseballian societal project which changed the nation around Hass John II's plan to develop a nation of young musical admirers. The Programme had three phases, the first of which brought unprecedented quality of life to children of Baseballia. The last resulted in mandatory torture and death.

Layout of the Programme:

Phase One:
At birth a Baseballian child is taken to a 3 year music nursery where emphasis is placed on understanding Hass II's love of music. Children are given thorough music instruction and vocal lessons. After the 3rd year, children are enrolled in Yellow Camps which assist in preparing for concerts and participate in singing when Hass II is touring.

Phase Two: "Yellow College"
Once children begin to go through puberty, they are sent to Yellow College which is essentially a building that, through punishment and torture, attempts to remove all memories of music from their minds. Children that become successfully brainwashed are sent to the next phase. Children that cling to music are made deaf, blind, and mute.

Phase Three:
After "forgetting" their musical childhood, teenagers are sent to the many slave camps from the first Hass regime and they return to a life much the same as before the reign of Hass II

Regardless of the phase, the 15th Birthday is a date of mandatory execution.