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ZOMG Its Criss

If the skeptical movement wants to make a serious impact in today's flashy short-attention-span world, then Cristina Rad (Criss) is moving it in the right direction. She lives in Romania, and she hosts her own YouTube video channel, where she posts videos of herself giving lectures in which she rips religious pseudoscience to shreds. Her favorite targets are Creationism and Islam, though she has also done a lot of research into the fallacies of the Bible, and she takes pains to point these out in her videos as well.

But most of the viewers of her site, while definitely fans of skepticism, will quickly point out something else about Criss – she is one smokin' hot babe! There's no denying that she looks really sexy in her long blonde tresses and torn jeans, and that's more than enough to capture the attention of viewers. But what's really great is that she's a babe with brains! She knows what she says, and she is at ease on cam, as she speaks in a casual tone with a heavy Romanian accent. It's this combination of brains and bod that caused one of her videos, Origin of Stupidity, to go viral in the fall of 2009. This was when the fools at Way of the Master ministries were gearing up for their campaign to pass out 150,000 copies of Darwin's Origin of Species…with a special 50-page introduction full of Creationist garbage that attempted to disprove the book. Criss' video scored over 1 million hits, and it tore Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort a new hole that they're still smarting from.

She's also working on an e-book, The Unreasonable God, produced in audio format. She's made the first three chapters available online so far, and is asking for donations in return. (Sorry, guys, she means donations of money.)

And as a bonus, she also has a second YouTube channel where she posts her own movie reviews! See Criss Reviews, founded in late 2009.