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Did you ever notice that kook websites are inevitably one, massive, rambling unbroken page?

From that I have developed the Reverend Zapanaz kook index meter. You take the whole page, copy it, then paste it (paste as unformatted text) into Word. The number of pages long it is is that pages kook index. The higher, the weirder.

Note: incomprehensible diagrams, symbols and charts count as +2 on the kook scale. Documentary support (quoted emails, scanned documents) which, when you actually read them, only make the author look crazier count as +1.

is a very respectable 11. I have to give it a plus one for these two footnotes though:

6. xxx
7. xxx

Now here:

…is one of the great masterpieces of kook-pagery. A TWENTY-FIVE on the Zapanaz scale. WITH a +2 for incomprehensible diagrams.