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John Boorman's awesomely bad film about, well, Sean Connery in a diaper as part of a cult that goes around killing people because "The Penis Is Evil". It's… just such a trainwreck. It's sort of enjoyable on this level; I mean, it opens with a disembodied head floating around narrating the backstory! It's like head-Pong! And then there's a floating stone head that bellows "THE GUN IS GOOD THE PENIS IS EVIL" and vomits guns to Sean Connery's leather-diaper wearing brethren! Then he stows away on the Floating Stone Head and is taken to a place fulla gods! And then there's lots and lots of tits! Only they're surprisingly unerotic! Unerotic tits! And then he hooks up with a lady and lives in a cave.

To really put this into perspective, you should realize that this is the movie Boorman made immediately after scoring critical and box office success with Deliverance. He was allowed creative freedom and he could basically make any movie he wanted…and he chose this! He wasn't forced to make it; he honestly believed this was an interesting story!

This film is definitely worth seeing; the DVD is great of it – it's actually a much better DVD package than I've seen for most good movies. Whoever put it together really, really loved Zardoz. The commentary track is kind of amusing, too, as Boorman occsaionally comments on scenes that didn't work or went too long (during the Hall of Mirrors segment, he tells the viewer to fast forward, because it's too long and he's not going to say anything interesting about it).

It's just such a awesome trainwreck of a film. I bought it new for 6 bucks. I was totally worth those 6 bucks. People should get it while they still can; I can't imagine Zardoz staying in print forever, but, hey, you never know, maybe it will. Or, presumably, it'll probably be easy to find for a long time just because, well, who's going to buy it? Anyway, though, you should.