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Zontar, The Thing From Venus

Directed by the great Larry Buchanan and filmed in 1966 in the spiritual home of The Church of the Sub-Genius,which would be Dallas, Texas. This film was mentioned in the Book of the Sub Genius as being a protypical badfilm and Larry Buchanan praised as probably the ultimate badfilm auteur. In the middle 1960's, Buchanan was given a contract to re-make some bad low budget Roger Corman films. Yes, completely reshoot them with different actors, but even lower budgets, and in Dallas. WHY? Because the older films were in black-and-white, and supposedly could no longer be sold for television distribution, since television was transitioning to from black-and-white to color around this time. Plus the Fifties fashions etc. in the original film were seen as passe. This film was a remake of IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, a ridiculous alien-invasion flick with a rubber-suit monster that looked like a giant penis with fangs. In this film, the monster looks a walking pile of sewage with eyes in it. Utterly required viewing. This flick is being released on DVD as of July 2005. It's worth hunting for.