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free software

Free Software

Christ-on-a-flame-grilled-bike! Why would you pay for software when there is plenty of good, free, legal stuff to be had!


Art Rage – natural media editor
EleFont – produces 3D models of text
Inkscape – vector graphics editor
PoseRay – Poser model importing into POV Ray
POV Ray – 3D rendering
sPatch – simple 3D modeller
The GIMP – digital graphics editor
Panorama Tools and PTStitcher – make panoramic pictures


Silent Bob – small and very useful raw .WAV recorder
Audacity – freeware sound editor (.WAV and .MP3)
maxWerk – MIDI looper for Mac classic
Tunebite – strip away those annoying DRM shackles on your legally downloaded music files.


Firefox – web browser
Nvu – HTML editor
Shareaza – file-sharing client
ZoneAlarm – firewall
Booru Webcam – simple, free webcam software for your Web site
ByteCam – live IRC webcam software for mIRC


Open Office – complete office solution


SWF2AVI – converts Flash animations to a video file
VirtualDub – video capture and processing
TransCode – video codec conversion

Live CDs

DyneBolic – Linux liveCD geared toward multimedia production and webcasting
StreamBox – Linux liveCD, Knoppix-based, with similar aspirations to DyneBolic
Knoppix – Linux liveCD for general purposes, perhaps the most famous liveCD
Morphix – Linux liveCD based on Knoppix, but geared more toward user customization

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