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This site is one of a number of anarchist sites dedicated to pissing off the Conspiracy as much as possible. That's why they specialize in two areas of information that you're not supposed to see: bomb instructions and sick-and-disgusting videos.

Authority figures often say that "dangerous" information about weapons and bombs can be used by terrorists to attack innocent people; but that's not why this information is being presented here. It's the "forbidden fruit" theory in action: they've got these documents precisely because you're not supposed to have it. You can certainly download this information; but you don't have to actually do anything with it – just downloading it will anger the minions of the Conspiracy, which is enough.

The sick videos on this site, on the other hand, are guaranteed to offend those with week stomachs. A number of these are disgustingly funny because they show people acting incredibly stupid, like the true Pinks they are.