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2001 - A Space Odyssey

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< * [ The Legacy of <i>2001: A Space Odyssey]


> * [ The Legacy of ''2001: A Space Odyssey'']

2001 and Beyond the Infinite

I've done a fair amount of online writing about movies of all sorts over the years. I'm quite proud of some of my works, and there's a lot of stuff I wish I'd kept and saved. (Since a newsgroup message only lasts a couple of weeks, you either have to keep track of your own messages or hope that someone else is archiving the newsgroup.) This page is the result of my attempt to write down my opinions and thoughts about one of my all-time favorite films, 2001: A Space Odyssey. If I can track down my original writings, I also intend to include pages dedicated to other films such as Fantasia, The Last Temptation of Christ, Seven Samurai, and other movies.

Underman's 2001

In the middle of February, 1996, I received email from Phil Vendy, a gentleman in Australia expressing his liking for my Web site 2001 and Beyond the Infinite. This fellow stated that he had a very long commentary on the movie, and he wanted to know if I would mind putting something of that length into the commentary section of this site. I replied, "I wouldn't mind, but why not put up your own 2001 page and invite people to comment on it?" The end result is this fascinating page, which has grown to become the definitive 2001 site on the Web. It's full of personal insights and commentary on the film. It also mentions another noteworthy science fiction film: Solaris.

The ''2001: A Space Odyssey'' Internet Resource Archive

One of the first 2001 sites on the Web, and still one of the best. George DeMet has assembled a huge collection of links covering every possible facet of the film, from the serious to the humorous. His site includes a good collection of pictures and sounds from the movie, several essays, and a "chat" board as well, for fans of the movie to come together for discussions.

Jupiter and Beyond The Infinite

The finale of 2001 is a source of unending debate, discussion, and intellectual hypothesis. The opinions listed on my Web site are certainly not the only ones, and Michael S. Johnston of this Web page has written a fascinating essay countering my own suggestions. This is another worthwhile look into the "meaning" of the film that should open the eyes of many readers. What's more, Mr. Johnston offers yet another look at 2001 that is certainly…unique. He suggests that it is possible to watch the final act of the movie using the music of Pink Floyd as the soundtrack! It may be a take-off on the urban legend about The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Side of the Moon…but this site does offer some intriguing suggestions as to whether or not there is a genuine link here.