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Kevin Carlyon

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This guy represents everything the mainstream media loves to portray about so-called "Wiccans," witches, and other pagans. Describing himself as the "High Priest of British white witches" (even though there's no organized pagan church in England that has a high priest at all), Kevin Carlyon makes a point of speaking out against anything that dares to besmirch the name of "Earth Magic," that ancient (according to him) tradition that is spoiled and soiled by its mainstream portrayals today. In his defense of the Craft, he has staged such overblown media events as a seance of the Loch Ness Monster, an exorcism of Aleister Crowley's bed, a blessing and purification of the England-France Channel Tunnel, and numerous hands-on healings of sick dogs, cats, and horses. Visit his Web site and see his photos of himself, himself, and himself…he sure likes to take pictures of himself, as he performs such important rituals as riding his broom around in the style of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (with the brush end facing up, because he says that's the proper way to ride a broom!).

Carlyon resides in Hastings, on the south-east coast of England. Before his rise to national prominence, Carlyon excited local teenagers in the 1980s (i.e. me and a friend) by writing letters to the local Hastings & St Leonards Observer criticising the anti-occult rhetoric of evangelical Christians.

Needless to say, most pagans consider him to be way off the deep end.