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Mission Earth - The Doomed Planet

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< * '''Return to Mission Earth Volume 9: ''[[Mission Earth - Villainy Victorious|Villainy Victorious]]'''''


> * '''Return to ''Mission Earth'' Volume 9: ''[[Mission Earth - Villainy Victorious|Villainy Victorious]]'''''

Praise "Bob," we finally finished the series! Ten volumes of "satire" by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and crusader against the evil psychiatric empire that drugs society and keeps the truth hidden from the eyes the world…what? You mean that just happens to be the plot of the entire Mission Earth series? Amazing! Could it be that L. Ron Hubbard used this book to give us his views of what he really believed about our society? Quite a few of the glowing reviews of these books claim that this series is "close to real life." And during the series' introduction, in which he modestly redefines the entire concept of "satire," Hubbard notes that the idea of satire is to poke barbs at certain aspects of real life that deserve to be ridiculed.

So what is Hubbard telling us with this epic (or at least epic-length) series? If Hubbard is to be believed, then the entire world is locked in the tyrannical grip of a corporate empire that uses sex and drugs to keep the population properly sedate. Sexual perversions of all sorts are encouraged through evil rock music, while the evil corporations use the media to twist and distort the real truth at every possible opportunity. And when anyone dares to wake up and realize just what a state the world is in – then it's time to unleash those most fearful and sadistic weapons, psychology and psychiatry, to crush the rebellion.

But don't worry…L. Ron Hubbard has bravely revealed the solution to the problems facing society! As a capstone to the series, The Doomed Planet spells out everything that needs to be done to save the world: namely, consolidate all the nations and peoples of the world into one single, benevolent corporation that works for the good of Mankind. We know this single corporation is good because "Mankind is basically good" (Hubbard's words, as quoted ad infinitum by Scientologists) and Mankind will never succumb to temptation as long as the evil demons of psychology and psychiatry are kept under lock and key, hidden far away from prying eyes by well-meaning censors. Of course, once the world is freed from the prison of psychology and psychiatry (referred to as "the psychs" within Scientology), then the evils of drugs and perverted sex will vanish. No one will have any need for them anymore, once the world is free!

Yes, says L. Ron Hubbard, "total freedom" is yours for the taking! But because the evil psychiatric conspiracy still dominates the world, Hubbard must reveal the truth to you under the guise of "satire," so that you can wake up and realize that only by casting off the shackles of psychiatric domination, then you will truly be free.

Isn't it coincidental that these views happen to be identical to the worldview expressed by the Church of Scientology – which was founded by L. Ron Hubbard? Perhaps this is the true underlying purpose of the entire Mission Earth series.

So it is that "satire" mirrors real life.