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< [[Rev._Dr._Lon]] - "I said the fucking mic away FROM ME!!"


> [[Rev._Dr._Lon]] - "I said get the fucking mic away FROM ME!!"

Operation Constant Log
or CON.LOG. for short,
god's in his heaven, all's right with the world

initiated by then Reverend Dtk. Asquire Vicious in late 2002.

Few know the true details of the plan, and Asquire himself refuses to comment on the existence of the programme.

However, those who have seen the 'strings' behind this secret project havn't talked.

(excerpt from HoS interview, November 13 2002)

Reporter - "Dr.Lon, Do you have anything to say about the CON.LOG. charges?"
Rev. Dr. Lon - "Get the FUCKING mic away from me!"
Reporter - "Surely you have something to add."
Rev. Dr. Lon - "I said get the fucking mic away FROM ME!!"

tape runs out