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Orgy Of Slack

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< '''Review posted to [[alt.slack]] on March 20, 1998]].


> '''Review posted to [[alt.slack]] on March 20, 1998.

Review posted to alt.slack on March 20, 1998.

At this moment, the ORGY OF SLACK is blasting through my speakers and submitting my entire neighborhood to sounds that have NEVER been experienced in this location upon the physical plane before. Every dog within a four-block radius is howling in agony, and every virgin within nine hundred yards has suddenly become PREGNANT!

The ORGY OF SLACK is a non-stop audio barrage of ANTI-MUSIC that makes NEGATIVLAND weep with envy because they didn't do it first. It's a compilation of the highlights of the many Rants and Raves of the KING OF SLACK, DOKTOR BILL T. MILLER! There are clips from the legendary KINGS OF FEEDBACK, digital Slack from the X-Day Slackfux Devivals, and guest vocals by the great Ivan Stang, Susie the Floozie, Irreverend Friday Jones, Pope Meyer – and Brother Cleve and D.K. Jones!

The KING OF SLACK doesn't believe in wasting precious time on your CD by leaving it empty. EVERY SECOND of this sixty-six minute Digital Devival is filled with noise, feedback, audience Ranting, sex-starved nympho alien Sex Goddess moans, and NEVER-BEFORE HEARD creations including the tracks "Religion Is Poison," and "Slack Bang Me Baby." And if THAT'S not enough, it's also the recorded CD debut for SLACKBANGERS – who will be appearing live for the FIRST TIME at the Boston Devival on April 23!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to this CD without getting an erection. If you don't have a penis, you'll STILL get an erection. Listen to this CD and find out HOW!