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< <h3> The True Connection Between Scientology And The Church Of The SubGenius</h3>
< Scientology's enemies have frequently forwarded the theory that L. Ron Hubbard's will was altered in the days or hours immediately preceding his death, so that the current management of the organization seized power in a bloodless that resulted with Hubbard himself dead, with mysterious amounts of forbidden psych drugs (including Vistaril) injected into his body. (His corpse was cremated, and an autopsy was never performed.) The most likely reason for this was to prevent the reins of power from being passed on to J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, to whom Hubbard owed millions after Dobbs inspired him to change his faltering Dianetics Foundation into a religion. ''SubGenius Recruitment Film #16'' (a.k.a. ''Arise!'') reveals the details behind the time when Hubbard and Dobbs found himself in an elevator together, and "Bob" recited the phrase to L. Ron Hubbard that has since become enshrined in the annals of SubGenius dogma: '''"They may be pink, but their money is still green."'''
< Also worth noting is the fact -- verified by [[Rev. Ivan Stang]] -- that a SubGenius ordainment for L. Ron Hubbard was paid for and mailed to his address a mere two weeks before the Scientology founder's death.
< SubGenii have been in the forefront of the battle against the Sons Of Elron from the very beginning. Read about the [ raid on Dennis Erlich], which was one of the opening salvos in the war. Dennis Erlich left Scientology, and he publicly pronounced that he found the ''Book Of The SubGenius'' to be therapeutic and healing. At his request, Stang "officially" pronounced Erlich to be a SubGenius minister (a symbolic gesture, because anyone can do that; I don't know if Erlich ever sent in his $30), and only two weeks later his home was raided by Scientology.
< The famous [ Clam FAQ] was indeed written by Pope Charles, the SubGenius Pope of Houston. There's been a lot of discussion and argument over the morality of using the term "clam" as a derogatory name for Scientologists, but there's a fairly widespread agreement that some of their worst acts have earned them that name.
< Robert Vaughn Young [now deceased] was one of the most famous critics of Scientology, before the online war and during its early stages. He had to retire because he developed cancer and had to concentrate on fighting it ...but he sent me an email once on how he saw ''Arise!'' in the video store and had to rent it. It blew his mind, and he laughed his head off. He is [ quoted in the Scatalog] as saying "Now THIS is a cult I can join!" about us, and it's completely true.
< Other SubGenii in the online war include David Gerard, originally from Australia (though he moved to England a few years ago). Dave Bird in England, who still protests against them today. Keith Henson, the man whose life has practically been destroyed by Scientology (he was forced to flee to Canada, where he is currently applying for political asylum), has mentioned us and used us as an example in his court case. And when Arnie Lerma's home was raided by Scientology, he was left with his home in a shambles. One of the first people to visit him after the raid announced that he was a friend of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, and when he heard that Arnie knew that he was a friend and not another spy from the Sons of Elron.
< All of this is true, and I am not exaggerating.

Of all the weird religious cults to appear on the Net, the one you're likely to hear the most about is Scientology. That's because the "church" of Scientology is waging an active campaign against the Internet, in an attempt to silence their critics and keep people from learning the truth about the organization. A wealth of information about Scientology exists on the Net, such as in the Introduction to Scientology page. Of course, it wouldn't be fair if we didn't present their point of view. Note how this site is tailor-made to present Scientology as a bastion of goodness and purity…while at the same time blaming the enemies of Scientology (i.e. psychiatry and the organization's critics) for all the problems taking place on the Net. Note also how absolutely no mention is made of the Web pages that criticize Scientology, or of the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

What Scientology wants you to see

I've had more personal experience with Scientology than I can stomach, and the Introduction to Scientology site will tell you all you ever wanted to know about the Sons of Elron and their organization. But if you're looking for ludicrous Bulldada entertainment, there are two sections of the Scientology Web site that are especially worth seeing…

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What Scientology doesn't want you to see

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