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Scientology and the Legal System

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These documents contain stories and testimonials by former members of the Church of Scientology, taken under oath in the course of various trials involving Scientology within the past few years. The stories of horror described here will turn your stomach and curl your hair. The Church of Scientology does not want you to read these documents! NOTE: These documents are quite large, and some Web browsers may take a long time to load them. Thanks to Bob "Da Sloth" Bingham for translating them to hypertext.

Legal Cases - Church of Scientology: The Electronic Frontier Foundation Archive

When Dennis Erlich's home was raided by lawyers and representatives of Scientology in February of 1995, a plea for help was put out on the Internet. The EFF came to his aid. They have provided legal assistance to Mr. Erlich and reccomended him to some of the finest law firms in the country; equally important, the EFF has gathered a considerable archive of legal documents surrounding his case and several other legal issues involving Scientology and the Internet. Their archives are worth browsing through for anyone interested in the legal aspects of Scientology's war against the Internet.

Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto

Another noteworthy case, and one which resulted in the awarding of the largest libel damage award in Canadian history. These legal documents (archived at the University of Montreal) provide the details of a nine-year campaign of libel and slander against Casey Hill, a Crown attorney. The libellous charges were repeatedly found to be untrue, but Scientology kept repeating the libel…and the end result was that Scientology was ordered to pay an award of $2 million to Mr. Hill in February of 1995. The fallout from this case hasn't ended yet.

Scientology Court Files

Andreas Heldal-Lund hosts this amazing archive of court files involving Scientology dating back to 1968. Compiled (according to Andreas) as a public service to assist lawyers involved with cases concerning Scientology, this archive includes documents from lawsuits involving just about every aspect of Scientology's war against its enemies, from
drug companies such as Eli Lilly to the various Internet copyright cases.

Church of Scientology vs. Fishman and Geertz

This case may have been the greatest blow to Scientology since the death of L. Ron Hubbard – not because of any financial damages or arrests (none were made in this particular case), but rather because the innermost secrets of Scientology were revealed to the world at last. The Church sued one of its former members, Steven Fishman, while he was in prison for fraud. In his defense, Fishman introduced the secret Operating Thetan</i> levels written by L. Ron Hubbard: these are the highest ranks of the "bridge" that every Scientologists strives to attain, and they can only be reached after a person has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear</i> his spirit…or so Scientology teaches. Because of the risk of these records becoming known by the public at large, Scientology dropped their case against Fishman – but the records still remained open and viewable by anyone. Even so, the Church of Scientology is fanatically pursuing every possible leak of these documents into the public domain, and they are frantically threatening lawsuits against anyone who even quotes a few lines of these documents on the Internet. But the information is out there…and you can see it with your own eyes.

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