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The Final Cut

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> --[[Hellpope Huey]]

The Final Cut starring Robin Williams. SORT of sci-fi, due to the central story device, but otherwise a pretty good drama. The gist: parents can have babies implanted with a biological device that records their entire lives from the perspective of the first person. Upon death, the memory glob is given to a "cutter," who sorts through all of the 'footage' and assembles a "rememory," which is shown at the funeral. The scene where he does an initial collation of a whole life's memories is spooky, neatly edited and dusted with just a bit of FX. Classy work.

The problem is, the cutter sees all of the wretched, stupid, nasty, hateful and galling things, along with the good the survivors want enhanced. This includes a nasty secret Williams wrestles with when he realizes that one deceased client was a monster. There is rising social protest against the complete destruction of privacy and action for fear of it being put on a screen later. Several key moments open the story up in measured places. Williams plays the role in an almost disturbing, reserved manner until certain hard truths begin to sink in.

It's semi-predictable in certain ways and not a colossal capital-F Film, but it IS an intriguing, classy cameo that fits well on the lapel of the suit of Quiet Flicks You Always Remember.

--Hellpope Huey