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Gentle Wind Project

Good "Bob," it's the Scientology of New Age cults! L. Ron Hubbard developed what he called a "science of the mind" and backed it up with ridiculous "e-meters" that are meant to measure your thetans (or your soul). But now, following in the footsteps of mighty L. Ron, the Gentle Wind Project (located in Kittery, Maine) has developed what it calls "Instruments…that would alleviate most negative human conditions, along with telepathic abilities to transmit these healings to anyone." (Telepathic abilities?!?) What's more, this marvelous technology "comes from the Spirit World, not the human world." So rather than basing their technology on maudlin human-based science, these marvelous healing devices get their energy from the "spirit world."

And what is this great, marvelous healing technology provided by the Gentle Wind Project? Hockey pucks! Dr. David Touretzky of Carnegie-Mellon University has examined the "healing" devices provided by the Gentle Wind Project, and he found that they are little more than hockey pucks filled with sand. This doesn't mean that these healing devices don't perform the miraculous healing that the Gentle Wind Project claims they do…it's just a matter of faith.

How come that little word – faith – always pops up when New Age "holistic" idiots can't offer a reasonable scientific explanation for what their miraculous widgets do?

You may want to look at Dr. Touretzky's Holy Healing Hockey Pucks Web page, though. It provides a detailed examination of these devices.

But there's another reason to compare these guys to Scientology: not only do they produce ridiculous "healing" devices, they also file lawsuits their critics. A web site critical of the Gentle Wind Project, Wind of Changes, was sued by the Gentle Wind Project, but unlike larger New Age groups this one has proven itself to have only limited resources in court. A summary judgement in favor of the defendants (against the Gentle Wind Project) was handed down in January of 2006…and one week later, they filed a second lawsuit against the very same critical Web site.

However, they soon found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit of their own, as their activities brought on the attentions (and actions) of Maine's own Attorney General in summer of 2006. This resulted in the Gentle Wind Project officially being dissolved in August of 2006, with its assets sold off to pay restitution to its former customers. However, as with many dubious outfits of this sort, this did not shut the Gentle Wind Project down for good. They simply re-structured and re-formed under the same name, and are once again up and running.

In early 2007, the Gentle Wind Project branched out and founded a separate group called the Family Systems Research Group. This new group picks up where the Gentle Wind Project left off, and it offers much of the same "technology." Their Holy Healing Hockey Pucks are now offered as "I Ching alignment instruments" (selling for $365 to $6,260), along with "telepathic healings," “behavioral astronomy,” and “hexagram profiles.”