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Oriental Wok Stir Frying


Stir fries are fun, easy to do, and very tasty: you throw your meat, vegetables, and spices together in your wok (or pan) and mix it all together until it's done. Voila! However, when you stir fry in this manner, what you usually end up with is a mish-mash of cooked food, all blended together into something that looks like paste. If you use a sauce such as soy sauce or hot sauce, the entire paste takes on the color of the sauce. There's no denying that it's a tasty paste, but it's tougher to discern the individual flavor of each portion. When you're having a stir fry with beef, vegetables, and rice, you want to taste the beef, taste the vegetables, and taste the rice. The tastes blend together in your mouth, but they shouldn't have to blend together in the wok before you actually eat them.

In order to produce a tasty, restaurant-style stir fry, it is necessary to follow a few simple preparatory steps. None of these steps are difficult. They do require a bit more effort, and an additional pan as well as your wok. But the end result is worth the effort.

When your wok is as hot as you want it to be, get ready to stir fry!

The entire time from searing your meat to finishing the stir fry with meat, vegetables, and sauce will be no more than a few minutes! It takes practice to have everything finished in time, so keep practicing. To summarize, the proper order for producing a stir fry is: 1) Sear meat and remove from wok. 2) Add oil and spices. 3) Stir fry vegetables. 4) Add meat. 5) Add sauce. 6) Add mushrooms.

Serve your stir fry on top of your rice or noodles.