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What Not To Do With Your Cast Iron Pan

Here are some tips on what should not be done to take care of a cast iron pan:

It's easy to maintain the seasoning on your cast iron pan, and with a little love your pan will last the rest of your life. However, be prepared for disaster! Your family and friends may love you, but they probably don't know how to care for your cast iron cookware. Eventually, someone close to you will do one or more of the no-no steps listed above, and you will find yourself with a rusty cast iron pan.

Don't panic!

You don't have to disown your friends and family when they abuse your cast iron pans. Cast iron is nearly indestructible! A rusty cast iron pan does not need to be thrown away. You can fix it and make it as good as ever…all it needs is a little elbow grease and re-seasoning.

If your family and friends have ruined the seasoning on your pan by washing it in the sink or in the dishwasher, all you need to do is re-season it. Give your pan a good scrubbing to smooth it down, and season it all over again. See also: Seasoning Your Cast Iron Pan

As a preventative measure, you can show off your cast iron pans to your friends and family, and tell them specifically that they must not be washed with soap. If you want to threaten bodily harm, voodoo curses, or other types of doom and torture to anyone who tries to wash your cast iron, that's your business. ;)