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One of my all time favorite anime – a six-episode OAV about, among other things, a mature 12-year-old boy who has robots coming from his forehead; but it's much, much more than that. It's absurd in parts, but also very, very intelligent and actually really powerful in places. And it seems pretty influenced by Funeral Parade of Roses, so that's pretty cool. Adult Swim on Cartoon Network sometimes puts this in their rotation (along with Super Milk-Chan, the only two good anime they show, IMHO), and that's pretty aweesome, but it must be seen. Pick up the DVDs or catch it on TV – whichever. Check this the fuck out. It is excellent. More shows should be like FLCL. (The title is pronounced and also-known-as Fooly Cooly, which are nonsense syllables one of the main characters tends to say, and also reflects the idea that the show is about Nothing, even though that's not really true. Or it is true, but it's so much more than that. Or something, I don't even know anymore. Anyway, it's got a woman who drives around on a Vespa, hitting things with a souped-up Rickenbacker bass guitar with a pull-start engine. What more do you people want?)