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Holocaust Revisionism

I've long since come to the conclusion that all Holocaust deniers are idiots. Without exception, every one of these morons I've seen online has consistently spouted a stream of unending blather, labelled it "research," and tried to use that bulldada to "prove" that the Holocaust never happened. The most laughable and pathetic of this crowd are the ones who try to pass them off as "serious" historiansd, claiming that their anti-Semitic hatred isn't a factor in their idiotic statements. "We don't hate the Jews…we are simply innocent historians trying to bring you the truth about the massive Zionist conspiracy to re-write history, make you obey ZOG, and succumb to the whims of your evil Jewish masters! Oh, and poor, innocent Adolf Hitler was just a tool in the grand conspiracy – he didn't really order the deaths of millions of human beings! Really he didn't! Honest!"


Here are the most commonly cited Web sites dedicated to Holocaust revisionism:

Campaign for Radical Truth in History

Michael Hoffman's site – conspiracy theorist and blowhard extraordinaire.

CODOH: The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

Probably the most loud-mouthed whiners out there, always claiming that there "needs to be an honest, open debate" about the Holocaust.

Institute for Historical Review

The largest and most well-known Holocaust denial group around.

One great thing about making this crap available for public review is that you can see for yourself how laughable their arguments are, how pitiful and full of holes their so-called "evidence" is, and how blind they are to the obviousness that they are frothing at the mouth against the evil "Jews" hiding under every rock. But if you really want to get these people ticked off, just mention The Nizkor Project – and watch them really go off the deep end.