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The Interim

This is a Canada-based newspaper focusing on the type of neo-conservative issues you'd usually find here in the United States. The publishers of this paper provide news about the evils of abortion and the evils of homosexuality, which is why they call themselves "Canada's Pro-Life Pro-Family Newspaper." They like to refer to same-sex marriage as homosexual "marriage" (with the quotes), and this is their way of providing hard-hitting news stories about the moral decay of Canada.

The publishers of The Interim also provide an online news service called Lifesite, which re-publishes printed articles from the paper, about two to three weeks after they appear in print. (This is an incentive to buy the paper copy, so that you can get the news faster.) Lifesite's politics reveal themselves when you click on their "About Us" page. Each page of the site shows a happy smiling parent holding a baby or young child, while this particular page shows a picture of a fetus in the womb. Yep, it's another anti-abortion site designed to make you feel for the lovely, innocent, beautiful babies who are brutally murdered by evil abortionists. Lifesite has an RSS feed, and their articles often show up on Google News searches for "abortion" and "homosexuality."