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Child Super Models

This site features pretty girls who have her own pay-for-membership sections. The "free" galleries have dozens of pictures of these girls dressed in sexy, skimpy clothes designed to tease your imagination and make you sign up for the pay section. But guess what? The girls featured here range in age from eleven, maybe twelve years old to as young as eight (or so it seems from their pictures). This site is the most famous of dozens of so-called "child model" and "teen model" Web sites that are apparently meant to appeal to forty-year-old men who are willing to pay big bucks to look at provocative, sexy photos of young girls. Of course, the star of this site, Li'l Amber, and her friends are always clothed in these photos – if there was anything there that could actually be classified as "child pornography," the authorities would shut this site down in a heartbeat and toss the webmaster in jail. But because this site stays legal by showing its star with clothes on (clothes that would barely fit a child half her age), all the authorities can do is gnash their teeth and write the occasional editorial column about how "legal kiddie porn" of this type manages to flaut itself in public.

This site first started out featuring one blonde girl named "Li'l Amber." However, Li'l Amber apparently became too popular and well-known for her site to maintain a low profile: her site has been taken down and redone at least three different times, with three different girls playing the role of Li'l Amber. (Maybe she became to old and pubescent for this site?) The current Li'l Amber is the oldest one on the Web site so far. Perhaps by putting up a facade that Amber is of an age where it might not be illegal to lust for her, they'll draw away attention from the fact that some of these girls are under ten years old.

But, you know what the scariest part of all this is? Most of these pictures of Li'l Amber and her friends aren't very different from the young girls who inhabit the local mall. You could buy most of these outfits at Aeropostale and dress your own child up like this…that is, if you're sick enough to want grown men to lust after her. And if you are, then I don't want to know you.