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Media Research Center

We've seen elsewhere that evil liberals are exercising their control over mainstream news media today (despite the fact that all of the major news publishers and broadcasters are owned by huge conservative corporations). The Media Research Center (MRC) is out to point out the unfair, slanted reporting happening every day, and they've got lots of proof that liberals are out to subvert us through the media. These guys have been around since 1987, and they've honed the art of "exposing liberal bias" down to a science. The majority of shocking articles on their site consist of editorial commentary on the latest news stories, usually along the lines of: "This news station reported this big story…but they neglected to mention this little bit of information that reveals their own bias." Be sure to sign up for their CyberAlert service (who uses the term "cyber" anymore?), which sends you regular bulletin in email about the latest outrageous distortions of the Biased Liberal Media. Their Links section takes you to conservative political sites you've no doubt seen before, ranging from Accuracy In Media and the Unification Church-published Insight magazine to Worldnet Daily.

MRC also runs its own newswire and reporting service. Originally founded as the "Conservative News Service," they've since renamed it to CyberCast New Service or Their motto reflects their own leanings: "The Right News, Right Now."

A highlight of MRC is NewsBusters, the MRC's blogging community, where postings from various self-styled media critics' blogs are hosted every day on the site's front page. (They even have a daily liberal-bashing comic strip called Gaggle, their own answer to This Modern World. Well, it can't be any worse than Mallard Fillmore, can it?)