From: Rev. Mary Magdalen

January 22, 2009

This is a letter to Karmic Angels. Itís really a kind of interactive thought experiment; I send this letter hoping it finds its way to a certain kind of person, one of the people who burn with the desire to help others, but unlike most of us, who are also gifted with extraordinary power to do something about it. People who can change someone elseís whole lifeólift a burden unfairly laid on them, balance the karmic scales so that a bad thing that happened to a good person is undone and made right.

Far be it from me to judge my own goodness. The official records show that many people officially charged with judging others have condemned me in the worst possible terms as a ďpervertĒ or at least an unfeeling mother. Who am I to contradict them? And yet, I never meant any harm when I made the SubGenius writings and performances that condemned me. We only wanted to laugh.

So then, I fight on. I canít accept that what happened to me was fair. If I have made art that is truly blasphemous and destructive to society, I didnít mean to. I just did it, as any artist does, and it was meant to be funny.

I accepted that I might have to listen to critics chastise me; thatís fair. I accepted that my art would never be widely popular. That didnít matter to me as long as my friends liked it. I accepted that I would never get a National Endowment for the Arts grant; itís fair for the taxpayers to choose what art they want to spend their money on.

But to lose my firstborn and only son, that was not fair. To be burdened with more debt than I could pay with ten years of my salary, that is not fair. To have been forced to leave my home and husband, and live alone in another state in order to attend endless court proceedings for nearly two years, that was not fair.

Now, thankfully, our family is finally back together, but the financial burden that remains is devastating, especially as the proceedings grind through their final appeals. No matter how hard we work, we just barely make it each month.

So I offer up my story to any Karmic Angels out there who want to make a difference to one family, lifting an overwhelming burden off people who never meant any harm but got hammered hard, just for joking. If you are moved by my story, and you have the power to help, that help would be most welcome.

I need $38,000 to pay the debt my father offered his entire retirement savings as collateral for. I need $23,000 to pay my outstanding debts with the excellent lawyer, Mr. Christopher Mattingly, who fought beyond the call of duty to reunite our family. I need an additional $5,000 to finish the current appeals.

These amounts are far beyond my reach, but if you are a person to whom that amount of money sounds like a nice summer vacation in Italy, and you want to give an entire family a new life, it would be much appreciated, and Iím sure Karma would take note. If not, would you be so kind as to forward this letter on to anyone you think might help?

Or if you want to just mail Mr. Mattingly a check, or use a card over the phone, his info is:

Christopher S. Mattingly
42 Delaware Ave
Ste 120
Buffalo, NY 14202-3924
(716) 849-1333 ext 351

Thank you!!

Rachel Bevilacqua (Rev. Magdalen)


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