From: Rev. Mary Magdalen

12/4/2009 12:05 AM

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for the generous support you've given me over the years! I could never have reunited my family and gotten my life back if it wasn't for all of you, so thank you once again for everything you've done!

I've finally received the paperwork for the Appeals Court dismissal of my ex's bid to keep the case in New York State. You can view them on Google Docs, page 1 here: ** and page 2 here: **. Some people have asked me about the court order preventing me from having my own artwork and writing inside my home, so I have put those orders up on the web also. The legal prohibitions against me having any SubGenius materials in my home are found in numerous court docs. In the latest, currently standing order from Judge Punch it is found at the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3 here: ** . It is also seen affirmed by Judge Adams on page 17 here: **.

Essentially, the upshot of the latest Appeals Court decision is that for now the case is dismissed, but my ex has one year from the date stamp, September 22, 2009, to make another attempt to complete this appeal. After that deadline, if nothing further is filed, the case will finally move beyond the jurisdiction of New York State entirely. Never again would my family face the prospect of having to split up and find lodging in New York for months or years on end to fight the case. Never again will I be handicapped by not having any of my local friends and people who know our family available to testify. Although this doesn't guarantee the case would be completely over, it would return it to a fair and level playing field.

So basically, I'm counting down to September 10, 2010!! I'll be sure to send out an update then if all is well so you can rest easy!

Of course the legal bills are still a huge burden. I have a monthly payment of over $500 to pay back a legal loan that my father secured with his entire retirement savings, so until that is paid off I am always living under the fear that I won't be able to pay it and everything my father saved over decades of hard work as a letter carrier will be snatched away from him. Any donations would be greatly appreciated, as always! The link to donate is:

Another way to help is to visit my new blog! I started this blog because I've begun to feel like the terrible numbing effect all these troubles have had on my mind is starting to wear off, and I've begun really wanting to share my opinions and hopefully make some people laugh! And I've monetized the blog with ads, so every time anyone just visits and casts their eyes upon the ads, perhaps clicking any that are of genuine interest, it helps out my legal bills!

I'm still in a legal grey area as far as whether or not I can blog about my case, so I've chosen not to risk anything by doing that, but I have become pretty involved in activism for the Iranian Green Movement, so I do blog about that and a variety of SubGenius topics. There's even a section where you can "Ask Magdalen" any questions on SubGenius doctrine, your love life, anything! I've also written a post explaining in more detail the answer to that infamous question, "Why a goat?" referring to a costume I wore at a SubGenius event that caused much controversy in the courtroom. Get all the answers here:

You can also follow me on Twitter at where I also plan to occasionally serve ads, so the more followers I have, the more it will help my legal fund! Feel free to tell your friends to check out the blog and follow me on Twitter, for a great free way to help with a good cause!

Thank you all again so much for everything you've done for my family, I don't know how to repay you except to tell you that you have made a huge difference in a family's life, and without your help we would still be separated and miserable, but your generosity has allowed us to be reunited and we are so happy and grateful for that!!!

Thank you so much!!

-Rachel Bevilacqua

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